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India is a strong emerging economy and it economic growth in last 15 years has resulted in many multinational companies making investments in India. Even though India is proving to be a big mine of opportunities, the companies making investment in India require reliable support and expert legal advice in order to deal with complex legal and business scenario in India.

India does not permit British lawyer to practice Indian law nor British lawyers can have any offices in India therefore the British law firms engage Indian law firm to assist their clients in setting up their business in India. It is in this respect we stand on a better footing from other British law firm as we can directly provide legal service in India.

A solicitor in our firm, Vikas Sharma, is qualified to practice in Scotland and also in India therefore we intend to make use of his triple qualification (regulated by the Law Society of Scotland, England & Wales and Bar Council of Delhi) in assisting British businesses, who have invested money in India and also investors who intend to invest there, in establishing their business presence in India. Our firm will be directly responsible for the work carried out in India on account Vikas’s understanding of Indian legal system and his contacts with experts lawyers.

In this way we can cut out middleman situation and our clients can directly deal with their assignments in India. We have connections with efficient and trusted Indian lawyers in order to provide wide range of services including litigation, corporate, regulatory services, structuring, negotiating, documenting, infrastructure, energy, insurance, dispute resolution.

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