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With the increasingly diverse nature and complexity of immigration law, specialist Immigration Solicitors are essential for Immigration Applications and Immigration Appeals.

At Aberdeen Solicitors and Estate Agents Matthew Cohen & Associates we have seen a steadily rising increase in demand for one of the leading immigration solicitors in Scotland our Vikas Sharma.


Mr Sharma is an immigrant and as such is extremely passionate when fighting for his clients. Due to our Dedicated Immigration Services Mr Sharma is happy to provide urgent assistance for those lost in the minefield of immigration and UKBA bureaucracy. His knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide range of immigration law and matters is evident from his published journal article. In it he investigates this complex area of law focusing on what distinguishes the immigration situation of non EEA family members of British nationals as opposed to non EEA family members of EEA nationals in the UK.

Our Immigration Solicitors regularly appears in the Tribunals and here are some of the published cases.

Immigration Solicitors Aberdeen

Over the past few years, we have seen local demand for legal advice on immigration and Immigration Solicitors grow massively. With Matthew Cohen & Associates becoming the leading specialists on immigration law in Aberdeen. Our expert, Vikas Sharma has worked across a wide variety of cases, helping people to win the outcome they want. With the diversity of issues that can arise within immigration law, human rights and European Union Law, it is important to know that you have an experienced expert Immigration Solicitor on your side.

 The law surrounding working visas is extremely technical and recent changes have helped to make it harder than ever before.

Domestic Immigration

A large part of our immigration work is still within the domestic sphere. We help families to find the solutions that they need to keep families together. As Immigration Solicitors we have cast experience in Immigration Appeals for Spouse Visas, Unmarried Partner visas, Settlement, Immigration Appeals based on the rights of Children, Citizenship, Tier 1 – Tier 4 visas and the list goes on. The majority of these cases comprise of helping people to bring their husbands, wives, partners and children into the UK, navigating through visa issues.

Some of our more complex work has arisen where there is a secondary dispute. When a marriage fails and one party is in the UK on a marriage visa, a number of complications can arise. Aside from the normal complications that occur when a relationship has deteriorated, the effect on visa status can vary hugely, particularly where children are involved. Generally, in a situation where the marriage breaks down the foreign national will usually be deported. Yet if they have children, they can often be the main carer, leading to a number of issues surrounding the possibility of a deportation by the Home Office. We can help to achieve a favourable outcome for all involved.

Business Immigration

Any company looking to hire from abroad will find it can be incredibly difficult to bring people into the country to work. If you are in need of a team who can help simplify the process, then we can help with your Work Permit or Work Visa requirements with our Immigration Solicitors. We assist in obtaining sponsorship certificates, and applying for sponsorship licenses. Having worked across a range of cases, each with its own specific circumstances, we can help you navigate the difficulties that surround commercial immigration law and their employees work visas thus letting your business carry on with doing what it does best.

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